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Importance Of Blog Writing In SEO

Importance Of Blog Writing In SEO

The importance of blog writing in SEO is understood by taking a simple example. For any question in your mind, you know google is here for you. For many people, the most popular search engine is the first stop on which they are trying to look for answers related to their questions. 

No matter what website you have, if you want to be searched by people, then you have to be at the top of search engines. And it’s tough to be on top but it should be easy if you know the importance of blog writing. But you can improve your chances to rank high on search engine by starting a blog writing.

Does the Blog Writing Help SEO?

Blogging is best for SEO as it helps you in different ways to rank high on google. It is one of the most important ranking factors of Google. When you have a blog that has high-quality content and relevant topics for your customers, then it can make a difference that how you’re overall website is performing on the search engines.  And yes blog writing can really help SEO in different ways.


Reason to start Blog:

  • It offers continuously fresh content:   If you update your content every day or every week, you’re offering fresh content that Google likes. Your website pages sections like about us, services pages were not changed, but your Blog can be updated regularly, which helps you to rank higher. A search engine will show you on top if you have the newest and relevant content. Keywords rich Blog will show you on top, and in return, your website will get traffic. 

  • It’s the best way to apply long-tail keywords:  Your blog will never rank easily on high volume keywords because, on those keywords, the competition is very high. For your blog posts, it’s the best way to use long-tail keywords on which the competition is low and have low volume. For example, a local restaurant in New Delhi might be rank on a keyword “Delhi Restaurant,” but it also targeted on a long tail keyword “Restaurant near New Delhi”. They could write a blog titled Best Food in New Delhi” and link it back to their restaurant using this long-tail keyword.

  • More Blogs mean More Pages:  The more pages on your website which are relevant to your business, there could be more chances that you will rank on a search engine for your business. So, that’s why it’s essential to execute keywords in your blogs on which you targeted. It will increase the opportunity in a search engine to rank higher.

  • BacklinkingA link for a link- Look out appropriate and best companies to link to in your blog posts, and they provide a link to your website on theirs. Furthermore, it will help you to generate more traffic on your website, and you were helping someone too. Building this connection with appropriate companies is crucial, and relevance is essential. A website that you link with your site would have similarity to your business if not similar than it looks fishy to Google and affects your rankings.

  • Blog Posts are Shareable:  A  great idea to share, People love to share the blog on their social media pages. More people are going to share a blog post over a company service page. Think about your targeted audience and write what they want most to read. The more Blogs on social media means more clicks, re-share, Therefore, more people will visit your website.

  • A blog keeps your customer on your website for a longer time:  Google priority is providing information for which people are looking for, so they were coming back to use google again. If someone clicks on the first link and gets it unhelpful, then they would immediately leave and go back to the search page – that hints the google that this page was not helpful as they think. At the same time, if someone clicks a link and stays for a while, which indicates the google that website is beneficial.

Someone who visits your website from a blog post that shows up in the search results. This can lead to having more reason to stick around for a while and read the entire content.

  • A Blog gives you the opportunity of inter-linking:  Inter-linking in SEO is very important, and blog post plays an important role for inter-linking. Find some good internal linking possibilities on the main pages of your website. Once you start publishing the blog post, the opportunity will be boon. As you add more pages on various but related topics, you add more opportunities to naturally link those pages to each other.

Importance of Blog writing for SEO of Small Business

As a small business, you have to show that you’re an expert in your industry and build authority. By providing valuable content to your audience which includes the Services they are looking for. You’ll be building trust and helping them ascertain confidence in your brand. 

Start Blogging now…

Don’t wait to do it now if you don’t have a blog on your website. Your customers will like to hear what you have to say. Google also like those websites which are updated and have relevant content. So, be a favorite of Google by starting blogs on your website.

And Let us know in the comment section if this blog helps you.

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    Why SEO is important for your website?

    Why SEO is important for your website?

    What is SEO?

    In simple terms, SEO means optimizing the search engine with the help of a few algorithms to make your page visible among the first few pages on any search engine. You might already know how important it is to be visible on the search engine. While you read the article you will surely be knowing many more advantages of why SEO is important for your website.

    How does SEO work?

    In simple words, SEO is using relevant keywords and phrases which the search engine recognizes. Any search engine performs three tasks before providing results to any search. The three tasks are namely CRAWL, INDEX and RANK.

    Firstly the search engine crawls through the entire website and searches for relevant keywords and phrases and the number of occurrences of them. This process is known as CRAWLING. In the next step the search engine stores the content that it encountered during the crawling stage and this stage is known as INDEXING. In the final step, it ranks the websites based on the crawling process and the search results are displayed according to the ranks. This process is known as RANKING.

    When all this is done where your website stands decides the amount of traffic and the number of customers you gain. SEO is important for both small businesses and large businesses. It is specifically more important for small businesses to increase their brand credibility and recognition. Small business SEO also improves traffic and customer recognition.

    Why SEO is important?

    SEO is the second most important factor for your business after good content/services. There is a famous joke that says, “If you want to hide something, hide it on the second page of Google.” This one sentence is in itself a complete proof of why SEO is important for any online website. It has been repeatedly mentioned by many business developers about the positive impacts of SEO on their businesses. If you are still not convinced then read on to find out some of the major reasons to use SEO.

    Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

    1. Improves the visibility: As obvious as it is one important result of applying SEO to your website/blog is that it improves visibility. Nobody ever browses through the subservient pages of the internet so it is not just an added advantage but, in fact, a necessity for any page to be available on the initial page of any search engine. Every time you google something you only browse through the first page only once a blue moon you click on the next page. You cannot risk being on the second or third pages of any search engine.

    2. Increases traffic: When you increase the visibility of your page, then the traffic on the page is bound to be increased. We always tend to click on the first few results of our search. So when your website appears on the top people are bound to give it a look. This does not happen if your page isn’t in the top results. Many statistics prove that the implementation of SEO has enormously increased the traffic on their sites. It helps you to reach out to larger groups of people.

    3. Relatively cheap: When compared to any other business improvement strategies SEO can be credited as one among the cheapest. It is a riskless investment with guaranteed returns. SEO is nothing complex it can be achieved by the simple use of keywords and a little technical knowledge. This won’t cost you much. Less investment and high return is always advisable, isn’t it?

    4. One-time investment: Unlike any other business strategies which require you to invest regularly SEO is a one-time investment. It does not require much maintenance and can be your best bet. With guaranteed returns, SEO assures improved reach of your websites which ultimately enhances the number of customers.

    5. Increased reliability: Most of the people in today’s world turn towards Google for their questions to be answered. So If your page is frequently visible in the list of the top few pages when searched then the user subconsciously starts recognizing and trusting your page. This builds a relationship of trust between you and the users.

    6. Brand building: When people see your website quite often on the search engine they start recognizing the logos and colors and associate them with a positive impression. It also brings improved brand awareness and keeps the users in touch with your website. Trust and brand recognition can go a long way. These small facts can have a lot of impact on customers.

    7. Simple: As you know SEO does not require any brainstorming to build complex strategies to work. It is simple and can be understood easily with just a little basic knowledge. Little efforts and more gains. When compared to all other business development strategies SEO is the easiest way to boost your visibility and your profits.

    8. Improved user experience: Using SEO to design your website not only improves it’s reach and visibility but also provides a good user experience. Your customers wouldn’t want to make efforts and go to the bottom of the search engine to find your page. In this case, SEO is helpful because it results in your page in the first few websites. Happy customers are the ultimate goal of any website. So improved user experience is a boon to any website.

    9. Long term strategy: Remember I told you search engine optimization is a one-time time investment. I forgot to mention it is a long term one-time investment with guaranteed returns. SEO keeps you updated with the latest changes and trends. See how tempting and convincing the advantages of SEO are. Hard to resist, isn’t it?

    There are so many advantages of using SEO that the importance of SEO cannot be summed up in one single article. But still In case, just in case you are not convinced by the importance of search engine optimization opt for your business, let me furnish you with some latest statistics.

    ● 82% report the effectiveness of SEO is on the rise and 42% state effectiveness is increasing significantly
    ● 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. (Hubspot, 2018)
    ● 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO generates more leads than any of their other marketing initiatives. (Junto, 2017)
    ● 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search engines. (Junto, 2017)
    ● 63% of marketers rank generating traffic as their top challenge. (HubSpot, 2017)
    ● 61% of marketers list improving SEO and search engine rankings as their top goal. (HubSpot, 2017)
    ● 53% of marketers prioritize blog content creation as their top initiative. (HubSpot, 2017)

    All the above statistics are taken from trustworthy sources and prove that search engine optimization is a mandatory business improvement technique in the modern era. SEO has only positive responses with zero negative effects. The facts and the reasons mentioned above prove how SEO is beneficial to your business and can increase the trend in your sales with minimal effort. It will be your safest bet and the best investment. For more information about what does a digital marketing do check out our blog.





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