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Before learning how to improve your PageRank you should know what it is and how it affects your Web ranking. PageRank (PR) is an algorithm, or you can also say it’s a calculation invented by Google founders Larry Page. It is used by Google Search Engine to rank web pages in their search engine results.

According to GooglePageRank is a way to measure the significance of web pages or websites. 
The functioning of PageRank works by determining a rough estimate of how important the website is by counting the number of quality links linking to a page.

At present, Google uses other algorithms also to show the most important pages for a particular search you do, but PageRank is the first algorithm that was used by the company, and it is the best known.

 Some other famous Google Search Algorithms:

Google Penguin Algorithm

The Over Optimization Penalty released by Google was Google Penguin. The objective of this algorithm was to gain greater control over and reduce the effectiveness of a number of Black Hats Spamming techniques. It penalizes the Spam or irrelevant links. One cannot just get links from anywhere.

Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda was an algorithm update that provides more quality and credible search results and takes out any of the low quality or thin websites that were carrying out unfair black hat SEO practices like algorithm manipulation, keyword stuffing, etc.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google Panda is an update that provides more quality and relevant search results. It takes out any of the low quality or thin websites that were carrying out unfair black hat SEO practices like Algorithm Manipulation, keyword stuffing, etc. And many others, according to MOZ in 2018, Google reported over 3,000 improvements to search, more than 8 times the number of updates in 2009 and an average of almost 9 per day.


Page A has a higher PageRank than Page B, even though there are fewer links to A. The one link to A comes from an important page (Page B) and hence Resulting in PageRank.


When Site B links to your web page, Google sees this as Site A Supports or giving a vote for, a page. Google considers all of these link votes and draws conclusions about the significance of individual webpages and your website as a whole. This is how google analytics to rank the page in a search result.

How Can You Improve Your PageRankin 2019?

1. Mobile Responsive Web Design

2. Keyword Testing (Understanding How User Search)

3. Build Quality Backlinks

 4. Write Quality Content, which is Search Engine Optimized

5. Up-to-Date with the latest changes in SEO

6. Page Navigation

7. Getting Influencers To link to your website or asking them to share your content.

High-quality content is the key to higher ranking with targeted keywords inside it. Hire SEO Copywriting company to build you an attractive and plagiarism free content

What is Off-Page SEO Marketing and How Does it Play a Vital Role in Page Ranking?

Off-page Optimization is nothing but factors that are taken outside of your website, which impact the ranking of your website.

Those External factors that directly impact the quality of your websites are user perception of a site’s popularity, authority, trustworthiness, and relevance of your website.

Optimization for off-page ranking factors involves promoting your website with quality in your content. You can achieve this by links from other reputable places like webpages, bloggers, sites, etc. on the Internet linking to your website, helping to boost your SEO ranking.

Search Algorithms and Ranking Factors

Search Algorithms and Ranking factors are constantly changing, the general consent within the SEO community is relevance, and authority that effective off-page SEO.

Links are the greatest contribution to SEO marketing and act as nerves for your Website’s Digital Marketing. Hence it plays a very important role in Page Ranking. Best SEO Service in Delhi will definitely help you to handle rank well in a google search result

Does PageRank still matter in 2019?

Yes, according to a Google spokesperson, he said that links are the #1 ranking factor, alongside with great content and PageRank is still used in google’s search algorithms, among several other factors. Ranking without links is hard, and why would anyone try to rank without links in the first place.

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