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Android App Development

D2dwebsitesmarketing is a startup android application development service providing Company. That offers impressive and highly innovative Android mobile applications that enable enterprises to improve their collaboration in marketing strategy. Android is one of the most popular platforms that have more than 85% share of the smartphone market. And above all it’s everywhere it makes perfect sense to grow your business by targeting android mobile users.

Our Android Application Development services are provided by our experienced developers. Who are ready to provide by and large the best possible result beyond your expectation. By doing sempiternal researches until now on numerous platforms for app development. For the most part, our team is now capable of providing progressive and successful android services across the industry.



Specialized App developers

We host a number of experienced android app developers that specialize in the Android application development process meant for varied domains.

Apple App Store Deployment And Support

Furthermore, Our App Developers handle the App Store submission process with an efficient listing. In addition to searchable descriptions, assets and the like in essence.

Experienced In Multiple Domains

Our team is experienced enough in developing Android apps and software related to multiple categories, niches, domains and on the contrary with quality and precision.

Enterprise App Solutions

We deliver integrated Android apps with enterprise solutions and promote smart mobility across the enterprise.

Widget Development

Our app builders in India can deliver brilliant widgets therefore a iot-based apps that attend to various functions on the platform.

Complete Support

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction at all costs with consistent 24/7 technical support in addition to assistance to all clients, even after app deployment.

Complete Security Of Data

As an android app development company in India. Our development services and strategies are completely inhouse. Secured infrastructure letting no line of code to leave the office premises.

Data Management

Data management solutions make processing, validation, and other essential functions simpler.  Therefore less time-intensive. We take care of your data and keep it secure.

Competive Pricing

As a veteran Android Application Development Company in India. we have ensured that our expertise and experience leads to app development at reasonable cost.

Application Design

Starting from idea, successful planning, monitoring, testing, app launching, and powerful marketing, we have complete ability to handle any static or multifaceted projects and hence to provide the best mobile App Development Solution above all that  meet your expectation, most precisely.

Our Application Development Approach


Native App Development

Native iPhone apps are specific to iOS platform using the development tools and language that the iOS platform supports. Such as Xcode, Swift and Objective-C. Native apps can perform the best due to adequate access to device’s hardware. iOS-specific features such as they look great also due to sufficient access to the device hardware.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid iPhone apps are particularly developed using the standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and usually Native.  Such as the final code is wrapped in a native container and shipped as a regular app. Hybrid approach is often called as  “Write Once Run Anywhere” that means – to begin with same code can serve multiple platforms along with iOS.


Course of Action

App Designing

Android device users expect your app to look and behave in a way Similarly to the platform. Not only but you should follow material design guidelines, visuals navigation patterns for instance. You should also follow quality guidelines for compatibility, performance, security, and more. Designing requires competence and a great understanding of the client’s needs.

App Development

We implement a complete and Subsequently research and then develop wireframes for the design. Define the architecture for the app, test the app after its completion. Provide actual usability report on regular interims. Then perform actual device testing taking into account several platforms such as mobile and tablet for uniformity.

App Launching

We ensure that our innovative UI is visually stunning and Coupled with our client’s business. The last step involves monitoring any issues, performance testing optimizing the app and providing solutions. Before launching we properly check for the application’s performance and for other issues. We also check out for other improvements so that the application will work perfectly.

Data Security & Software Testing

Every app needs to be secure with the design applies to a uniform pattern that looks and behaves. Functions in the same way regardless of the advice. We make sure that the pattern complies across all platforms and meets all security measures.

 App security includes application solidify to obscure code, run-time application self-protection (RASP) and self-healing measures, White-Box Cryptography to encrypt critical data & keys, and real-time app threat telemetry for closed-loop threat intelligence. We make sure that your data is secured.

How we serve our Android applications solutions?

 Our mobile app and software developers build amazing, feature and exquisite mobile apps for businesses looking to build online brand identity. For application re-development, we conduct a deep understanding of the demands and supply of the business. We cater to android app development solutions to diverse industries.

We Build For the All of the Biggest Product Categories

Healthcare app

Food & drink app

ecommerce app



sports & fitness

real estate





Why Choose Us ?


Our aim is to offer you the modern User Interface which scatters the best and premium feel into the industry

360- Degree Solutions : Our team has great potential od rendring a complete enterprise solutions that empowers business to solve each and every problem of the business

Complete Business Solutions : With complete combination of commitment, dedication, endeavour and expertise, we offer the best possible and complete business solutions

Competive Pricing : We respect businesses and their efforts to work in the most competetive industries and thus we offer services that are not high priced and that will be in our customers budget also.

After Delivery Services : Even after delivery of your apllication, we make strong and long termed relationships with our clients. Our support team is all time ready to provide post delivery technical services to you.



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