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Email marketing is the way to get in touch with the audience and encourage them to visit your website.

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As the name suggests, Email marketing is the way of Digital marketing by the use of Electronic mail as a means of communication. Our D2D marketing team will design the newsletters as per your requirements. Our email marketing services are unique and based on the “opt-in” system.

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Certainly, D2DWebSolution doesn’t believe in sending bulk emails to the customers which tend to damage your brand’s image. In contrast, there are most of the companies that are making no profit through e-mail marketing. The main reason for their unsuccessful results is sending spam emails to users.


Benifits of E-mail Marketing

Promote your brand

Email marketing is a quick manner which helps to aware the customers about your brand/products.

Encourage Customers

Email-marketing service encourages your current and new customers to buy something immediately.

Improve Relations

Email services help to maintain a strong relationship between a merchant and their customers.

Opt-in email advertising is a strategy of promoting product. In this case, the recipient of the advertisement has agreed to receive it. In contrast, there are also demerits of e-mail advertising like drive apart from the consumer. Therefore, the bulk messages getting deleted without getting read.

Similarly, there is a straightforward process of putting a successful Permission-based email advertising campaign in place.

The process that we follow is below.

Firstly, we make a decent email format.


Secondly, we use permission-based email marketing tools that allow us to create and connect newsletters.


After that, Adding a sign-up form to the site so we can start collecting subscribers and import any existing lists of subscribers that have already requested us for communications.


Type and frequency of email communication.


Development of high quality relevant content for the newsletter and send it out to your subscribers.


Sending of newsletters, announcements, or promotions with steady frequency.


As a result, the list grows. You will notice increased traffic on the day of and the days following an email was sent.

D2D E-mail Marketing Service

Consequently, D2DWebSolution Team works professionally in the direction of your’s product marketing or business marketing through powerful tool ‘E-mail marketing’.

What Makes Us Different

As Technology changes, it becomes subsequently challenging for the business to keep their personal and customer’s information on the web secure. As a matter of fact, web security nowadays is important in keeping hackers and cyber-thieves from accessing your sensitive information.



Website Design that Simply Can Help Your Product To Become A Brand. In other words, your Website Is The Backbone Of Your Business. Our Website Designers Plan Web Pages That Are Elegant And Classy. As a result, Your Website Should Gain An Optimum Presence On The Virtual World Of Internet



“Time is Precious make sure you spent it with right people”. Our highly skilled professionals are ready to Deliver your website on time guarantee to you. Time is money and we don’t have any intentions to waste your money and time.



In as much as 90% of our business is generated from referrals. This alone speaks volume about our outstanding services. The main purpose of management & marketing strategy is to develop a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, it provides customers with higher value compared with a competitive offering.



We know the worth of every single penny earned by hard work, so we won’t charge you extra. Our charges will be according to the services you want. we have reasonable packages which will be more beneficial.

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